It's your MOVE . . . get it back!

Why Physical Therapy    

We specialize in the treatment of orthopedic injuries and disorders - anything that involves bone, joint, and muscles.  

If you have pain or difficulty moving a body part: neck, back, shoulder, knees, back, hip, elbow, wrist, foot.... try physical therapy!

We also excel in post-surgical care, including rotator cuff repairs; knee, hip, or shoulder replacements; ACL or meniscus repairs; and many more.  You had the surgery - let us help you heal and get you safely returned to the activities you love

 Why Choose Us?

You have a choice!

At Charton Physical Therapy, we understand that no one really WANTS physical therapy.  We also understand that when you are hurting, you just want someone to LISTEN and to HELP!  

Our goal is to provide a place of care and healing where you will look forward to your sessions, move better, and learn what you can do to take control of your pain.

At Charton Physical Therapy, we do not abide in the "No Pain No Gain" principle.  We will encourage you to work hard and teach you how to push yourself.  While some exercises or treatments may be difficult or uncomfortable, we have found that treatments are more successful and beneficial when your body is not fighting them.


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Our Mission

We strive: 

To provide excellent physical therapy and other wellness services and products to help you return to the activities of daily living as well as the activities that you enjoy, whether they be gardening, golfing, or gymnastics.

To provide competent and compassionate care in a professional environment, making you feel as though part of our family.

To care for you in a manner which conveys our values, love, and respect for you as an individual.

What to Expect

At your first session, your therapist will conduct a hands-on examination to get to know you and determine what needs to be addressed, look at what is troubling you, and develop your plan of care. 

Depending on what your therapist finds, your subsequent treatment sessions will usually consist of a combination of exercises, hands-on therapy, and various modalities to address the roots of your problem.

Other Services

In addition to standard physical therapy services, we also offer Medical Massage services.

Let us help you move better and reach your goals!
Gift certificates are available!